7 Secrets to Properly Washing a Baby Blanket

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler at some point their blanket becomes a security shield, a play mat, a chew toy, a cape, or a drag toy and baby expects mom to properly care for it.

There are many methods to caring for a baby blanket and each process is tailored to a particular fabric. Although every blanket is properly tagged with a care label that specifies washing instructions most of the tags are cut off before the first wash. Below you will find the most simplistic way to wash every fabric.

1: Put it in the washer. Regardless of how delicate the fabric, you can put it in the washer. Some parents are hesitant to do this when it's an heirloom piece or handmade. If grandma or auntie is willing to hand wash the blanket then by all means go for it. For those busy parents who prefer to machine wash, remain at ease that your baby's blanket will be just fine.

2: Always use the gentle cycle. Now that you feel comfortable about placing the blanket in the washer remember to use the gentle cycle.

3: Apply your preferred detergent. When washing a blanket for a newborn remember to use an appropriate detergent that will protect their sensitive skin. For a toddlers blanket use your favorite household detergent.

4: Wash in Cold water. In this case color doesn't matter you always wash a baby blanket in cold water. Warm or hot water will shrink a blanket made of natural fibers.

5: Do not add fabric softener. This includes dryer sheets.

6: Tumble, Fluff, or Air dry. Most fabrics will withhold a low heat setting in your dryer. You can also lay it flat to dry and the end result will be just as soft. Synthetic fabrics only need 10 minutes of tumble dry time. You should fluff or air dry knitted blankets of any content as with 100% natural fibers.

7: Front loading washer. A front loading washer allows for the added proper care. You can use a top loading washer just remember to clear the machine of any velcro, bra hooks, snaps or anything that can possibly snag at the yarn. We recommended you wash blankets in a load by themselves to avoid damage.

The 7 secrets to properly washing a baby blanket really are this simple. Follow the above steps and you will extend the lifetime of your child’s blanket.

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