Top 3 Baby Necessities to Have for the Ride Home

With a busy life and new baby on the way, as you prepare for your special day, there are three key items you must remember to have for baby's ride home. Creating a list and understanding the use of each item will help ease your first steps into parenting.

One: Car Seat.

Of course a car seat seems like a no brainer however, you must make sure the car seat you purchase is appropriate for your newborn. A rear-facing car seat is what you will need. Safety first, make sure it is properly installed beforehand. The last thing you want to do is try to figure out the instructions the day you are leaving the hospital. That's a total disater waiting to happen! Two: Baby's 1st Outfit.

Baby's first outfit will serve many purposes. Comfortable enough for baby to rest in and posh enough for those first baby pictures. Some of the best choices are two piece outfits. They make life easier when changing all of those diapers. If you opt for a full one piece, the ones with snaps throughout the legs work well. As a layering option, a light weight bodysuit (onesie) underneath your choice of outfit will help keep some sort of covering on his body when changing diapers. Additional items your baby may need include a beanie, booties and mittens. Three: Blanket.

A baby blanket is an essential part of baby's life. Purchasing one that will keep your newborn warm while in his car seat is key. You will want one large enough to place over the car seat. This will help block unnecessary wind into your baby's face when transporting from the hospital into the car and from the car into your home. In addition, a lap blanket is good to keep in your car at all times. You will soon learn you can never have too many blankets! Hold back on rushing to return the excess ones you think you received at your baby shower.

Congratulations! You are three steps closer to having an easy and joyful ride home.

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