3 Secrets to Trimming Your Baby's Nails

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, trimming nails can be a combative challenge. There are many methods to properly manicured nails and finding the one that works for you is crucial. Caring for your newborn baby or your toddlers nails are both challenging. One is not easier than the other. Find the confidence to focus during the process and you will accomplish your task!

1: Using Nail Clippers?

Stick to child size clippers regardless of how delicate the process. All things small sometimes are difficult to maneuver, selecting clippers that will allow you to grip the handle will give you ultimate control. Some first time parents are hesitant to trim their baby's nails and that's fine, ask your pediatrician for assistance. Temporary fix for newborns...keep those baby mittens on! There are numerous options on the market that will help you protect your baby from scratching his face or yours.

2: Using A Nail File?

Using a nail file is less intimidating and just as effective as using nail clippers. If opting in for this tool a regular size file is more accommodating and much more practical. The best styles to use are paperback files. They are much softer on the fingers and easier to maneuver. Your toddler may find that this option tickles but it can also work to your advantage if he likes the sensation.

3: Wait Until Baby is Sleeping!

Whichever option you move forward with, be aware, the best time to trim or file your baby's nails is while he is sleeping. Why fight the little people when the outcome is stress, frustration and crying from both baby and parent. We sometimes think we have full control over all situations but this one is not the one to tempt with. Newborns and toddlers alike put up a fight because they don't understand what is going on. Let there be peace and plan out your trimming process so everyone has a blissful experience.

The 3 secrets to trimming your baby's nails is this simple. Follow the steps above and you will see for yourself.

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